Pathfinder Corvette


A Pathfinder Corvette

The Pathfinder corvette is the weakest ship in the game you start of with a few when you first join the game. You can not build them once you scrapped the ones you got you can never get anymore of them since they have not been available to build since closed beta. But again you will not want them because they become pretty useless pretty quickly they only have 1 armor and weapon slot. They are also one of two ships in the game that have a 360 degrees firing arc. 

The only slightly useful thing for this ship is to be used as a decoy on low level planet cargo fleets in a Vega auto fleet.

Voyager Corvette 


A Voyager Corvette

The Voyager Corvette is another ship you start off with when you first join the game. They are already researched in the ship lab and unlike the Pathfinder you can build more of them, though they are slightly stronger then Pathfinders they still suck bad they may be usefull for a while but before long they will be useless. Unlike the Pathfinder the Voyager also includes a shield slot an extra weapon slot and more mass for better tech it also like the pathfinder has a 360 degrees firing arc.   

What are they usefull for: 

Low level planet cargos lvl 1 to about 7.

Possibly as a stronger decoy in an auto fleet then the Pathfinder. 

Lil Voyager vs Voyager competitions with other players, Other then that they are useless. 

Harrier Frigate 

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A Harrier Frigate

The first frigate you will most likely encounter and use in the game you will also start off with a couple when you join the game. They are quick and speedy and if correctly used can easily take down slower low tier ships like Destroyers and the Genisis cruiser. It is a perfect fvf (fleet vs fleet) ship for new players to practice with on vegas and other players. Not the best to use on bases though it can work if the base is badly designed but I do not recommend it as a baser (Base hitting fleet) ship. 

What are they usefull for:

Low level fvf with planet cargos or low lvl player fleets.

Maybe as decoy for longbow destroyers when prepping a base (More on this later.) 

Genesis Cruiser 


Genesis cruisers lined up.

The Genesis cruiser also called a Gen (mainly in chat) is probably the first type of cruiser you will use in the game for taking down bases around about lvl 10 to 25 depending how good you are with them. You of course have to research them from the ship lab (make sure you have the required level ship lab and factory.) This is the ship which you should use when you first start hitting other players bases cruisers are much stronger and can have more fire power as they have lots of mass to fit stuff on. But they are slow so are not good in fvf and could easily be taken by a skilled player with harriers or better. They include 2 armor and weapon slots 1 shield slot and 2 special slots. Special slots are used for certain types of tech like thrusters to make a ship faster at either turning (Rotation thrusters) accelaration (Rear thrusters) and strafing (Strafe thrusters.) they are used to increase resource storage for a fleet to enable you to take more resource loot from a base attack or destroyed vega, They are also used for ship powerups (more about them later on a different page.) 

Later on you will probably end up using Genesis cruisers as decoys in auto planet/vega fleets. 

What are they usefull for: 

Low level base hitting. 

A decoy on an auto planet/vega fleet.  

Longbow Destroyer


Longbow's bombard some miners with scatter missiles.

The Longbow Destroyer is most likely the first type of destroyer you will come across and use in the game they are mainly for prepping bases (destroying some of the combat modules before the main attack). They are also the slowest type of ship in the game meaning they are a big massive no no in fleet vs fleet battles you will almost certainly always lose which is why you should have an escourt to defend the Destroyer fleet at all times on hostile planets or sectors (More on escourts later).

In base attacks you should always equip projectile weapons on destroyers this enables them to have long range and makes it easy to pick off CM's (Combat Modules) more easy and allows them to out range most the the base defenses accept projectile weapons and sometimes torps, so you should always have 1 or 2 decoy ships along with destroyers otherwise in a good setup base your destroyers would be ripped to pieces. Decoys need to be closer and direct fire away from the destroyers while being able to be fast enough to dodge the shot (frigates) or strong enough to tank the shots (Cruisers). 

Longbows have 2 weapon slots and an armor slot and one special slot but is unable to have shields making them more weak most destroyers apart from high level ones can not have shields. 

Note: In some cases with very poorly designed bases you can destroy a base with just a destroyer fleet for example if the bridge (the main building) is sticking out to far you can use your destroyers to try and get that. Or lets say some newb has filled his base completely with thermal ray turrets because of the high damage but not taking the range into account (common newb mistake), then a destroyer fleet can easily destroy the base with out taking any damage especcially if there equipped with a projectile type weapon (which it is a good idea to always equip them with projectile weapons).  

What are they usefull for:

Prepping bases. 

Destroying very poorly designed bases. 

Rancor Battleship 


Rancor's decimating some cruisers.

The rancor battleship (called rancs for short) is the last tier one ship and will probably be the first battleship you encounter/use in the game battleships are known for there ability to hold lots of weapons and shoot out both sides (they can not shoot forwards or backwards). They can also naturally hold a lot of resources so make good cargo fleets. The only thing is they are pretty slow so are not always the best in fleet vs fleet situations, but they can make some awesome instant repair (repairs 5min or less) auto (no need for you to control the fleet) fleets to destroy all planet cargos (may not always be instant repairs on lvl 30 antimatter cargos), and vega fleets from about lvl 30 to 35 a very easy way to farm resources and blueprints (more on these later). 

Battleships can also be a good base attack fleet as they can hold a lot of resources you would get much more loot. The rancor battleship has 4 weapon slots, 2 armor and special slots and a shield slot. 

What are they used for:

Base attacks.

Planet cargos and vega resource and blueprint farming. 

Cargo fleet (to quickly collect resources from a destroyed vega or cargo). 

Talon Frigate


Talon's attacking harrier frigates.

The Talon Frigate will probably be the second type of frigate you use/encounter in the game they are much more powerful then Harrier Frigates and will be able to go faster and fit better weapons armor and shields. Many mid-level players use them (or use too) in mid-level fleet vs fleet combat they could also be used as a stronger dodging decoy in a destroyer prep fleet. Other then that they are not generally that useful in quite a few scenarios and are not built for base hitting. 

They can also be good for the hit and run tactic which can be done with any frigate or fast ship. It involves attacking a fleet with slow ships (normally cruisers, excluding Apocs and Raptures). It best works when the frigates are equipped with a projectile weapon along with the iridium magnets powerup (more on these later) and possibly Rear thrusters, then you line them up in combat and fly away from the enemy ships strafe around (by clicking holding and draging towards your ships in front of them) to shoot once or twice, then run again and strafe round hit and just keep repeating as the slow ships will not catch you and you should be able to do it with very little to no damage. 

Talon Firgates have two weapon slots, two special slots, and one armor and shield slot. And of course increased mass for better tech and better speed. 

What are they useful for: 

Prep fleet decoy.

Mid-level fleet vs fleet. 

Hit and run tactic. 

Exodus Cruiser 


4 Exodus cruisers and a genesis finish of a base.

The Exodus Cruiser (called exos for short) is the 2nd tier type of cruiser and the second type of cruiser you will probably use/encounter in the game. Again used by mid-level players in base hitting and sometimes fleet vs fleet but it is not always a good idea to use cruisers (slow ones) in fvf as they can be out done by faster ships like frigates. Of course the Exodus is way more stronger then Gensis cruisers and could easily rip apart a fleet of them if they had the chance. 

They have 3 weapon slots, 3 armor slots, 2 special slots and a shield slot and a fair amount of mass to fit some good tech on. 

What are they useful for:

Base hitting.

Certain fleet vs fleet situations.

Possibly a tanking decoy in a prep fleet for mid-level bases or a stronger decoy in an auto vega fleet.

Broadsword Destroyer


Showing off my broadsword destroyer's along with my hawk decoy

Broadsword Destroyers (called broads for short) are the 2nd tier type of destroyer and the 2nd type of destroyer you will probably use/encounter in the game. AGAIN used mostly by mid-level players like most tier 2 stuff would be. Like all destroyers they are for prepping bases and destroying badly designed ones of course this destroyer is for tougher bases.

The Broadsword Destroyer includes 2 weapon and special slots, and an armor slot but like the Longbow it can not equip shields but has much more mass for better tech. 

What are they useful for: 

Prepping mid-level bases. 

Venom Battleship 


Venom's attack a level 40 Vega fleet along with a revelation decoy.

Venom Battleships (called vens for short) are the 2nd tier type of battleship and the 2nd type you would most likely encounter/use in the game. Back in the day they was a very strong base hitting fleet but now they are not so good they are still quite useful though on badly designed bases, and can hold loads of loot so is a good cargo fleet and good to top up your resources with trough farming bad bases.

Venom's are not so good in fvf only in certain situations so try to avoid fvf with other players. 

I and many others have found them very useful in blueprint hunting if built correctly they should be able to take any vega fleet even 55s (as long as they have a revelation decoy) for pretty much instant repair I will post the build for this under here soon so stay tuned for that. 

What are they useful for:

Farming badly designed bases.

Bigger Cargo fleet then the Rancors.

Awesome auto (with pretty much instant repair) fleet for all Blueprint hunting if correctly equipped. 

Nighthawk Frigate


The Nighthawk frigate (or hawk for short) is the 3rd tier type of frigate and the most strongest and fastest of the three. Mainly used in fvf hawks use to be very common and a very powerful ship on the playing field but now since the introduction of new tech and ships is not used as much anymore, but none of the less they can still be good if equipped correctly.

They are also used a lot as a dodging decoy for destroyer fleets, and also used for the hit and run tactic. They are normally good for close range combat when equipped with some good laser weapons. Hawks have one shield slot, 3 weapon slots (an extra from the past two frigates), 1 armor slot and 2 special slots. 

What are they useful for: 

certain fvf (long and short range mainly). 

hit and run tactic.

dodging decoy.

Revelation cruisers 


Revelation Cruisers (or rev for short) are the 3rd tier type of cruiser that can be researched in the ship lab. It is the strongest and biggest out of the two past cruisers used for high level main base attacks and now and again in fvf (just make sure they have some good rear thrusters as they are slow in fvf). 

They are also used as a tanking decoy with destroyer fleets and vega hitting fleets. At one point they was one of the most powerful ships in the game not so much now though since higher tier cruisers and more tech has been brought into the game. 

They have 2 shield slots (the most so far from past ships) 4 armor slots, 2 special slots, and 4 weapon slots. 

What are they useful for:

Base hitting.

tanking decoy.  

Trident Destroyer


The Trident Destroyer is the 3rd tier destroyer (and looks the coolest out of the past ones). It is the first Destroyer with a shield slot making it the strongest out of the past destroyers with much incresead mass for better tech it is used for high level base prepping.

Remember destroyers are slow so make sure to use decoys with them so they can avoid getting hit as much. 

It has 1 shield slot, 2 special slots, an armor slot and 2 weapon slots.  

What are they useful for:

High level base prepping.

destroying badly designed bases. 

Fury Battleship 


Some Furies shooting projectile and explosive weapons.

The Fury battleship is the 3rd tier type of battleship and can have the most firepower out of all the battleships. It is a very powerful ship used in high level base hitting and sometimes fvf it is very expensive and time consuming to build and requires a fully upgraded ship lab and factory to be able to research it in the ship lab.

It also has a very impressive 6 weapon slots (the most out of any ship in the game so far), in fact it can hold so much high level tech that even with a fully upgraded ship bay you may not be able to fit all of them in one fleet as it will exceed the mass limit.

As well as that it has 1 shield slot, 2 special slots, and 2 armor slots. 

Remember it is not the amount of hits they can with stand it is the amount of damage they can deal. 

what are they useful for: 

high level base hitting

some fvf

vega hitting (possibly) 

Ships that require blueprints (WARNING SPOILERS BELOW!!!) 

Instead of being researched these ships below require a certain amount of blueprints (bp for short) to be collected. Generally the higher tiers will need more blueprints for each tech collected and it will take longer. Their is currently 5 tiers of blueprints some have ships (but not all) mostly it is made up of tech for bases and ships. 

Collecting blueprints requires you to hit certain levels of vega and planet cargos for a chance of getting a blueprint in that certain tier. Blueprints can take a very long time to drop sometimes even weeks or possibly months just for one (mainly in the higher tiers) to drop it seems quite random.  It is said if you hit higher level vegas in that tier you have a better chance. 

Here are the tiers: 

Tier 1 blueprints: (level 20 to 25 antimatter or planet cargo fleets)  

(This tier contains no ships as of yet).

Tier 2 blueprints: (level 27 to 30 planet cargos and antimatter fleets and lvl 30 to 33 Vega fleets) 

Destiny Corvette


Destiny corvettes blitzing a target.

Requires: 8 blueprints 

The Destiny Corvette is the first corvette that does not have a 360 degrees firing arc, it is also pretty fast so many players use it to fly around enemy ships that are slow while hitting it and keeping out of that ships range, though I have not really found a use for Destinies yet sometimes I kind of think of them as mini cruisers. 

Don't even try using it in base hitting that is a bad idea it is to weak for that unless it is quite a low level base.

Destinies are also used by the Vega federation. 

It has quite a small mass as well meaning you have to kind of choose between damage or strength.

Note: since the new burst event weapon I'm thinking it could be pretty useful on destinies with rear thrusters (tests are in progress) 

What are they useful for:

Using speed as it's advantage in fvf.  

Tier 3 blueprints: (level 35 to 37 Vega fleets) 

(Their are no ships in this tier as of yet). 

Tier 4 blueprints: (level 40 to 45 Vega fleets) 

Apocrypha crusier 


An Apocrypha cruiser.

Requires: 8 blueprints 

The Apocrypha cruiser (or apoc for short) was first introduced in a pvp event where you had to be in the top 2 positions in the sector leaderboards to win 2 of these cruisers (meaning two winners in each sector), a little while later they was fully added to the game when the blueprint system was added.

It is probably one of the most feared ships in the game and it was the fastest cruiser (The new Rapture is the new fastest cruiser) making it all the more deadly and extremly effective in fvf and basing. Many players even put projectile weapons on apocs and use them to do the hit and run tactic as they are so quick. 

They can hold so much mass each that if you put lots of high level tech on them sometimes only 5 can fit in  a fleet instead of a full 6 ships, they have 3 weapon slots, 3 armor slots, 1 shield slot, and 2 special slots (altough it has less slots then the revelation the much increased mass and speed makes up for it). 

Apocryphas are also used by the Vega federation. 

Though you could use it for basing it is more of an fvf cruiser then anything. 

What are they useful for: 

Hit and run tactic. 



Tier 5 blueprints: (level 50 to 55 Vega elite fleets) 

Scythe Destroyer


A Scythe Destroyer.

Requires: 8 blueprints 

The Scyth Destroyer is an advanced high level destroyer used by the Vega federation it has the highest mass out of all destroyers so far in the game so can fit some powerful weapons, armor and shields on making them able to last longer.

You of course use them to prep and you would prep very high level bases with them and remember to avoid fvf with them as they are still very slow and you should put decoy's with them.

What are they useful for:

Preping very high level bases. 

Destroying badly desigend bases.