Buildings (or modules as they are known in the game) are what make up your base. Their are defensive ones, Research ones, Utility ones, resource ones and your main building (also acts as a giant defensive module) your bridge. Below you can find information on many of the different buildings in Vega conflict.

Main and defensive buildings

Your main building is your bridge and your defensive buildings are what defends your base against attacking fleets. Note: Your base can be attacked any time if your online or not as long as you have no bubble (Damage protection).

The Bridge

The bridge

A level 5 bridge fitted with a level 5 Mass driver turret.

The Bridge is already built when you first join the game it is best to keep it in the center of your base to be able to better protect it.

The main building is The bridge you should defend it at all costs as when it gets destroyed many players count it as a win (it will also make a big boom causing mass damage to surrounding buildings this is called collateral damage more on that later). The Bridge stores a small amount of resources meaning if it gets destroyed you will lose from it as well as from storage modules.

Also upgrading The Bridge unlocks new and more modules to be built and for other buildings to be further upgraded and of course it increases the overall health and mass of the building making it stronger and able to better equip it. It will also unlock slots to fit armor and shields for better protection and special slots for powerups (only defensive modules can fit powerups and will have special slots more on this later). The bridge once fully upgraded will have a shield slot a weapon slot, 2 armor slots and 2 special slots.

The max upgrade for The Bridge is lvl 5.

Note: Clicking on the Bridge will show you the fitted weapons range. 

Combat Module 

Combat module

Level 10 combat module fitted with a level 2 Arrestor beam.

Combat modules also known as CM's for short are the main defensive buildings for your base. You fit turrets on them and armor and shields (shields once their upgraded enough) to make them as strong and powerful as possible. Try to have a good mix of short and long range weapons on your base (possibly medium range too though I don't).

Upgrading combat modules increases overall health and mass making them stronger and able to be better equipped. Upgrade your bridge to be able to build more of them and further upgrade them. A fully upgraded CM will have of course a weapon slot, an armor and shield slot and a special slot for powerups. CM's can be fully upgraded to level 10 and you can build a max of 12 of them. 

Note: Clicking on CM's will show you their fitted weapon's ranges.